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What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to the process of making sure that your website complies with the latest search engine guidelines. This enables Google and other major search engines to crawl and index your site without experiencing any problems. Without optimizing your site’s Technical SEO, you will drop in search rankings and start losing revenue.

Why is Technical SEO important for your business to succeed?

Technical SEO strategies have become essential for online success. There are two important factors that have determined businesses’ current need for Technical SEO services.

Firstly, online user demands have changed. Users expect – and even demand – a seamless online experience. And many of these online users are using mobile devices. So your website has to accommodate these changes in consumer behaviour.

Secondly, search engines have become increasingly sophisticated over the years. Rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) are now strongly influenced by site speed and a mobile friendly experience. Not addressing these algorithm changes will dramatically reduce your online visibility.

What does this mean for you as the business owner?

If you don’t have an expert team taking care of your Technical SEO, your website probably has technical SEO issues such as slow page loads, poor redirects, and poor structure. Even if you are unaware of these technical issues, your business is being affected. Without effective technical SEO strategies in place, your website will have less organic traffic and a far less prominent ranking in online search results. This means a poor return on investment (ROI) and a drop in revenue.

Our Technical SEO services will create the best possible user experience, thereby driving more high intent prospects through your sales funnel.

We will ensure your website utilises Technical SEO strategies to adhere to the latest search engine guidelines and algorithms, and meets industry standards. To implement technical on page SEO, our team will address:

  • Site speed

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

  • Robot exclusion standards (robot.txt)

  • XML sitemap status

  • Content quality

These Technical SEO services are applicable to all content management systems (CMS), including eCommerce and WordPress sites. Investing in these services not only leads to an increase in current sales, but prevents Technical SEO issues having a negative impact on your revenue in the future.


Increase profitability by staying up to date with the latest technical SEO strategies and algorithm updates.

Our team will ensure your website remains structured and optimized for online users as well as search engine spiders crawling your site. This process of Technical SEO optimization includes:

  • Initiating a crawl error report

  • Auditing your preferred domain

  • Conducting a Google site search

  • Improving site speed for all web pages

  • Optimising every page on your site for mobile devices

  • Developing an XML sitemap

  • Checking HTTPS status codes

  • Implementing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

  • Identifying any broken links

  • Checking redirects

  • Improving metadata

  • Implementing robots.txt

  • Removing duplicate content

Our Technical SEO services are designed to ensure your success.

Technical SEO audit

A technical SEO audit is when our team assesses your website’s current SEO. It is a detailed analysis that enables us to identify which aspects of your SEO need improvement to optimize your online presence. We will then devise tailored solutions to improve your Google rankings and optimize the user experience on your website.

Competitor analysis

If you want to be one step ahead of the competition, you need to understand your competitors’ SEO tactics. By evaluating your competitors’ tactics, we can help you identify valuable opportunities to improve your conversion rate. We will develop tailored strategies that give you a distinct advantage over other businesses in your industry.

Metadata analysis

Meta tags are descriptors that boost your online presence, and help drive more traffic to your site. However, meta tags that aren’t optimised for online users and search engines are probably hindering your online visibility. We will analyse and optimise your site’s descriptors, including title tags, alt attributes, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and robot tags.


Image optimization

Our Technical SEO for eCommerce includes optimizing the images used on your site. Too big, and your images could slow down the page load time and increase your bounce rate. We will ensure your images are optimized for technical SEO by checking the size, format, and alt attributes, as well as image sitemaps and image plugins.

Page speed optimization

A lightning quick page speed is critical for high search rankings and a positive user experience. We utilise several Technical SEO strategies to improve your site’s page speed. Our team will address: file size, code, redirects, browser caching, content distribution networks, and server response time.


Structured data markup

This Technical SEO service ensures that search engines can easily crawl, understand, and display your site content. We test your markup, and identify any issues that need to be addressed and improved. This can include page elements, data tags, and HTML.

Keyword research

Any digital marketing strategy requires thorough keyword research. We analyze consumer behaviour and current trends in your industry to identify high value search terms. Our Technical SEO audit will reveal your current keyword rankings. Our team will then work to improve these rankings by optimising your web pages with relevant keyword usage.

Backlink analysis

Your Technical SEO performance is improved through incoming links from reputable websites linked to your industry. Analysing backlink data will reveal your website’s current online authority and search rankings. We will check your referring domains, their authority, and the potential for social sharing.

Penalty recovery

Algorithm changes and black hat Technical SEO strategies can result in a Google penalty. Using Google Search Console, our expert team will be able to identify the type of penalty affecting your website. We will assess your site’s backlinks, redirects, variations on original pages, and your site content crawled by Google spiders, and ensure that you recover from the penalty




Website migration

The goal of website migration is to develop a robust plan that doesn’t decrease high value traffic. SEO friendly website migration is a complex process best left to the experts. This Technical SEO services includes: mapping all changed URLS to your new site, updating all internal links, removing duplicate content, managing 404 pages, benchmarking analytics performance, and monitoring rankings and traffic.

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