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Build a professional online presence that increases sales.

Even the most visually appealing website or landing page will only truly help your business if it increases quality leads and drives sales. As WordPress website design and development specialists, we will help you create a website that establishes a professional online presence. Your website will not only be visible in search engine results but will be designed to convert leads into paying customers.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular and user-friendly website creation tool. In fact, as many as 1 in 3 websites worldwide use WordPress. As an open-source software and content management system (CMS), it’s an affordable platform that delivers professional results when used by expert web developers.

As WordPress design and development experts, we will provide a professional and custom WordPress website that is tailored to your business. WordPress themes enable us to customise the look and feel of your web design to align with your brand and appeal to your target market. Our website developers use WordPress plugins to optimise the functionality of your website, adding features such as ecommerce solutions and search engine optimisation (SEO) tools.

How will WordPress benefit your business?

A standard website template and basic functionality will only take you so far. In the hands of our website designers and developers, your WordPress site will help boost your sales:

  • Your website will be visible online. Potential customers will easily discover your online presence through Google and other search engines.
  • A professional design that aligns with your brand will catch the attention of your target audience, whether they are using desktops, tablets or mobiles. Our websites are easily shareable across social media platforms.
  • As an experienced Wordpress design agency, we know how to enhance user experience. Users will find your website responsive and easy to use, finding all the information they need to make a favourable purchasing decision, thereby generating leads and sales.
  • WordPress designs that incorporate enquiry forms and compelling calls to action equate to highly converting websites.

Trust the WordPress development experts to develop a top-quality website for your business that makes the most of what WordPress has to offer.

  • We will create a customised website design that is tailored to your business and brand.
  • With more than 50 000 plugins at our disposal, we can tailor the functionality of your site too.
  • This user-friendly platform allows any business owner to control and update their website content. You will have full administrative access to your website.
  • WordPress is designed with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind, so it’s easy to get your website visible in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Our results-driven approach means we have the user in mind, and focus on generating more traffic, leads, and conversions.

Our WordPress Design and Development services will boost your online presence and your business revenue.

Professional WordPress Design and Development

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WordPress Management

WordPress Maintenance

Our team will ensure that your website not only looks good but is always functioning optimally. Your site will continue to run smoothly, even as WordPress software is updated. As an extra measure, regular backups protect your website content. Our team also conducts regular audits and preventive scans to identify any issues that affect your site’s performance and remove any threats.

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WordPress Website Hosting

WordPress Support Services

Why opt for Hire Pro Me WordPress Design and Development?

We offer a full range of digital marketing services.

We make the process easy and affordable for you, the business owner.

We will design and develop an optimised WordPress site that dovetails with all your marketing and sales processes.

Our team stays ahead of the curve to ensure your business remains at the cutting edge of all digital marketing strategies.

We are here to support you in growing your business and achieving your business goals.

Skills That Make a Meaningful Difference for Your Business

When you hire a professional like me, you gain access to a wide range of expertise that can truly make a difference for your business. With my help, your business can experience exponential growth and expand its reach on a global scale through digital channels.

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