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Are You Losing Money by Not Emailing Your Past Customers?

  1. Are you SPENDING TOO MUCH trying to get NEW customers?

  2. Do you feel like your customer list could be DOING A LOT MORE for you?

  3. Are you NOT GETTING ANY RESULTS from email marketing?

  4. Do you have a hard time writing emails that ENGAGE PEOPLE to buy?

  5. Do you feel OVERWHELMED or confused about email marketing?

Let Us Help You Get More SALES from Past Customers! 📧💰

Why choose email marketing for your business?

1- Regular communication and interaction boost brand loyalty.

At Hire Pro Me is Provide us Regular email communication such as email newsletters will develop customer loyalty. This form of marketing and engagement is far more affordable that other digital marketing strategies. It’s an ideal strategy for small businesses looking for more quality leads. It is often overlooked, but email marketing can help you to develop customer relationships and drive sales at the same time. Every email address on your contact list holds potential for your business.


2-Research shows that connecting with your audience via email can boost sales dramatically.

At Hire Pro Me is Provide The key is to approach email marketing with a clear strategy. It’s not simply a case of creating a quick drag and drop email and pressing send. You don’t want your emails to be lost in spam folders or deleted without being opened. With our expert team to help you, your email marketing campaign will effective and provide a significant return on investment (ROI).

3- Expand your business’ reach and engagement.

At Hire Pro Me is Provide The vast majority of online users have email accounts, and most check their Inboxes several times a day. This is why email campaigns have the potential for better reach and engagement than many other traditional marketing channels. But an email marketing tool is only as good as the strategy behind the campaign. The trick is to enlist our expert team who will design email campaigns that are neither invasive nor regarded as spam.

4- Email marketing platforms allow for more personalization than a generic email sending the same message to every contact.

At Hire Pro Me is Provide Email marketing can be incredibly personalised. You can offer unique discounts and offers as well as personalised messages based on data sets (birthdays, regions, etc). This lends a personal touch that isn’t possible in more general marketing campaigns.


How Hire Pro ME will build your business with email marketing:

1- Your email campaign will be tailored to your business and your market.

At Hire Pro Me is Provide Rather than plain text, we design clean and professional custom templates that will appeal to your target audience, including custom segments within your audience. Using a drag and drop editor means that we are able to help you design a range of coordinating templates so that all your email templates will be an authentic representation of your brand. They will also be responsive on desktops, tablets, and mobiles for maximum engagement and leads.


2-We design targeted email marketing campaigns that are appealing to your target audience.

At Hire Pro Me is Provide us You need your emails to stand out from a crowded Inbox. We will ensure that your email marketing campaign has a high open rate. But it goes far beyond a compelling subject line. The emails need to be personalized, emotive, spark curiosity, and include an effective call to action.


3- We are results-driven.

At Hire Pro Me is Provide us Our focus is always on boosting conversions. Your email campaign will consist of dynamic content, written to appeal to your specific audience. We will present your services and products in a way that converts readers to paying customers.

4-The email campaign will align with your specific business goals, your sales funnel, and your overall business strategy.

At Hire Pro Me is Provide us Whether you want a simple newsletter campaign, drip campaigns, an RSS-to-email feed, or a sophisticated series of automated emails based on audience segmentations, our team will develop the strategy, set it up, and manage it for you.

5- Every email campaign will be tested before launching.

At Hire Pro Me is Provide us We are detail-oriented and leave nothing to chance. Every aspect of your email campaign can benefit from multivariate or A/B testing. We will then analyse the results and tweak your campaign accordingly to maximise engagement and sales.

6- All components of the campaign will be optimized for maximum results.

At Hire Pro Me is Provide us From the template design to the copy, every element of your strategy will be well thought-out to improve your email marketing ROI.

7- Every campaign is accurately tracked.

At Hire Pro Me As the business owner, you will receive detailed reports about your email campaign. This will include open rates, click rates, click through rates, and resultant leads and sales. You will be able to access this information at any time during the email campaign so that you can track its progress and success. We will help you analyse this data so that you can use these insights to laser-target your audience.

8-We will help you build your subscriber list.

At Hire Pro Me In addition to email marketing design and development, we will help you grow your subscriber list. Your website will be optimised to encourage users to sign up for your newsletter. Simultaneously, we will devise an email marketing strategy that encourages more shares and fewer unsubscribes in order to boost sales from future emails.

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