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Digital marketing used to focus solely on increasing website traffic. And, unfortunately, many marketers still have this outdated approach, to the detriment of their clients. Focusing on driving traffic to a landing page or website, to the exclusion of other digital marketing strategies, will cost time, effort, and money, without delivering the results you need to succeed.

Why? Because increased traffic to your site does not necessarily mean more sales. However, a strategic CRO campaign can yield more sales without having to increase the number of visitors to your site. It’s all about knowing how to use and tailor different marketing strategies to your best advantage. You need a digital marketing agency that remains at the cutting edge of digital trends and strategies.

Although you do need to drive clicks and online users to your website, that is only the beginning of the process. From there, you need to guide visitors through your conversion funnel until they complete the desired action. If a new visitor to your site clicks to add to cart, but doesn’t purchase the items in their shopping cart, you haven’t gained a customer. You haven’t achieved your conversion goal.

Depending on your brand, your conversion goal might be any one of the following:

  • Completed sales
  • Submission of forms
  • Clicks on Call to action (CTA) button
  • Shares on social media
  • Installations of your app
  • Sign-ups for your newsletter

And how do you achieve this? With robust CRO strategies that are tailored to your business.

  • Leads generated
  • Entrance
  • Website traffic
  • Pages per visit
  • Page load time
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Cost per conversion (CPC), also known as cost per action (CPA)
  • Exit rate
  • Bounce rateClick through rate (CTR)

We will tailor our CRO services to maximize your business’ success online.

Data-informed decisions mean more revenue.

You need objective data to inform business decisions if you want your business to grow and generate more revenue. We will conduct A/B split testing and multivariate testing and analyse consumer behavior to identify specific website elements that require optimization. Thorough analysis allows us to develop a solid CRO strategy that is tailored to help you reach your goals, generate more revenue, and realize your business’ full potential.

Deliver a positive user experience that is search engine friendly.

Most online users who have a bad experience on a website will not return, reducing your opportunities to convert users to customers. The trick is to provide an engaging and positive user experience, whilst simultaneously aligning with the latest developments in search engine optimisation (SEO). Our CRO experts will help you achieve this critical balance, keeping both online users and search engines happy.

Optimize your sales funnel for more conversions.

Our systematic approach to CRO will identify exactly what needs to be done to increase conversions on your particular website. We do not apply a ‘one size fits all’ strategy, because that doesn’t yield significant or sustained results. Using advanced software and analytical tools, our team will gather data pertaining to user behaviour and all the relevant metrics on your site. We will then analyze this data to help us identify opportunities to better market your business to your target audience. In this way, we will design and implement a robust and tailored strategy to optimize your website’s conversion rate.

Be one step ahead of your competitors.

Effective CRO services mean that you are able to generate more revenue without necessarily having to increase the number of visitors to your site. Remember, increasing your website traffic doesn’t equate to growing your business if you have a high bounce rate and those users don’t become customers. CRO is not about increasing traffic, but about increasing the percentage of leads and conversions from your traffic. In other words, our CRO team will maximise the results of your marketing, thereby increasing your marketing ROI, and ensure that your CRO efforts work in conjunction with your SEO strategies and web design to increase both traffic as well as leads and conversions.




We offer a wide range of CRO services that we will tailor to your business for the best results.

Your  Hire Pro Me  is a professional digital marketing agency. We utilize effective CRO tactics for small and medium size businesses and eCommerce sites to generate a measurable increase in leads and conversions. Our expert CRO services include:

  • CRO audits
  • A/B split testing
  • Google Analytics
  • Website design and development
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Heat maps testing
  • User behaviour analysis
  • Content writing
  • Website compliance

Our CRO services are an investment that will yield impressive measurable results for your business. It all comes down to increasing your ROI and business revenue.



Why choose Hire Pro Me for CRO?

Experience, expertise, and professional insight.

At Hire Pro Me , we offer a complete package of digital marketing services. Our team comprises of experts in their fields, which means that you benefit from expertise across all aspects of your digital marketing campaign.

An effective CRO campaign that works in conjunction with all your digital marketing efforts.

If you would like to maximise CRO efforts, we will design and implement a well-rounded strategy using several digital marketing tactics that will work together to support an optimised conversion funnel. From local SEO to WordPress development services and social media marketing, our team boasts a wide range of expertise, as well as the type of insight you simply can’t get from automated CRO tools. Utilizing a range of our services will further boost your CRO efforts and overall business growth.

Digital marketing strategies are tailored to your business to produce measurable results and maximize your ROI.

We will select and tailor our digital marketing services in accordance with your brand, your budget, and your business goals. This tailored approach maximises the results of your marketing campaigns, providing you with a far better ROI. Because we care about your success, we will help you grow your business using efficient and cost-effective strategies that generate measurable results.


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