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Expectations vs. Reality of WordPress

To give you a taste of insights into WordPress, here are some WordPress Development | Expectations vs Reality and explain how to deal with such concerns. If you want to construct a website by yourself and believe that you do not require premium WordPress development services, let us warn you that you are in for a wild trip.

WordPress Development | Expectation vs Reality #1

WordPress is easy to use. I purchase the domain today, built the website the next day, began earning in a week, and will be a billionaire in a month.


The educational curve for WordPress is more complex than most folks believe. WordPress is simple if you only want a simple website with minimum to no modification (and probably looks like hundreds of other sites). However, you cannot create a personalized site for yourself. To put it mildly, not so easy.


Consider hiring a customized WordPress developer. The responsibility transfers when you employ experts to provide custom WordPress development services. You can delegate the task to the developer (for which they are trained and experienced). With this approach, you not only receive an expertly designed custom WordPress website but additionally long-term assistance because when things become hard later.

Get expert help. When you are a WP beginner, we don’t expect you to know it all. But, you can indeed find someone who does. Custom WordPress development services are available, and all you need to do is find someone you can trust.

With professional service providers, you can use multiple plugins, and third-party integrations, and scale your website without having to spend hours doing the backend labor.

WordPress Development | Expectation vs Reality #2

WordPress is Free.


WordPress is free. Building a fully-functional WordPress website is not.

You can find great site builders like Divi, WPBakery, and Elementor to ease WordPress development. Are they free? No. There are 54,000+ free WordPress plugins. Are their highest plans and optimal utilization free? No.

And there are a hundred other things that aren’t free, including the need for suitable hosting of your WordPress site. While we are at it, it is important to point out that WordPress (the base) doesn’t cost anything. This means there is no one liable to answer your questions. There is a lot of community support and online guides and tutorials. But, again, do you have the time to search the web when your website is in a mess?


When you are already paying a lot of hidden costs to keep your website up and running, it seems only logical to spend a little more and get support for WordPress too. When you hire a WordPress development agency, you can expect them to offer you constant support for your website. And they’d not be wasting your resources on WordPress plugins, apps, or even templates. They’d make optimal use of that and help you recover costs faster.

WordPress Development | Expectation vs Reality #3

The security of the website isn’t my problem.


Our apologies in advance. You are naive if you think that. You get third-party apps and plugins for your website. They come up with frequent (too frequent) updates. You skip that for say, just one day. And in those 24 hours, you leave your website vulnerable to hackers and attackers.

Also, WordPress rolls out updates every week. Either you leave all the tasks at hand, manage your WordPress website full time, or expose your site to risk.


Let the full-timers handle the task that needs full-time attention. If you want to round clock website management, hire someone available 24 hours. Custom WordPress development services don’t just mean building your website. They come bundled with features like constant support, update, security management, and more.

WordPress Development | Expectation vs Reality #4

SEO is not my problem.


Well, SEO isn’t really a problem.

It would help if you didn’t ignore comprehensive SEO campaigning. Because if you do that, then it will become a problem. WordPress started as a blogging platform. And it enjoys a 61.8% market share when it comes to CMS. But, what it is not is a replacement for your own SEO strategy.

WordPress offers you all sorts of options for effective and efficient SEO. There are popular WordPress plugins like Yoast, W3 Total Cache, and Smush. But they don’t run on their own.

You need to invest a lot more than just money in actually making use of WordPress’s SEO options.


Hire search engine optimization experts with a knack for website development so that they can integrate SEO tools into your website.

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